State Blood Transfusion Council

The State Blood Transfusion Council has been established in Maharashtra as anautonomous body as per the directive dated 4th January 1996 of the Supreme Court of India to all state governments. The primary objective of the Council is to provide adequate and safe blood and its components at reasonable rates in the State.

Blood Banks - the present situation
At the present there are 250 Blood Banks in the State, which are licensed and registered.  Collection of blood, its testing and its distribution is done through these Blood Banks. Of the 250 Blood banks, 31 are termed as Major Blood Banks and another 41 Blood Banks are termed as District-level Blood banks. This terminology of Blood Banks has been done on the basis of their total blood collection per annum.
In 1996, State Blood Transfusion Council in all states and union territories were formed. This was according to the directive of the Supreme Court.
The main objectives of the State Council are to:
  • Promote voluntary blood donation through education
  • Ensure appropriate use of blood
  • Develop nodal centres/district and subdivision blood centres.
  • Initiate human resource development programme.
The Governing body of the State Council to whom the management of its affairs is entrusted shall be constituted in the following manner:
1 Secretary to the Department of Ministry of Health &
Family Welfare
2Director of Health Services Member
3State Drugs Controller Member
4Representative of Ministry of FinanceMember
5Representative of State Red Cross SocietyMember
6Representative of Private Blood BanksMember
7&8Maximum two experts in Blood, TransfusionMedicine
& Health Institution of the State
9Representative of Non-GovernmentOrganisation
(active in the field)
10Representative of Nodal Blood Centres
11Director, State CouncilMember,Secretary

The State Councils are to be funded by Union and State Government. National AIDS Control Organisation. State Blood Transfusion Councils have power to collect donations. All donations to the Councils are 100% income tax free.