Various programs and Plan of the Council, Expenditure incurred on Council’s Past Programs, Financial Proposals for the Current Year.

  1. Modernization of Blood banks
  2. 71 Blood Banks in the State have been strengthened and modernized under the programs undertaken by the National AIDS Control Organization. Financial Grants are provided for purchase of consumables and equipment. The Central Government also provides free kits for testing for HIV.

  3. Component Separation Centres
  4. Blood is Precious. With the objective of efficient utilization of very unit of blood collected in the state, the council has established 8 Blood component separation Centres. These Centres have been established at those blood banks who have an annual collection of more than 5000 blood units.

  5. Blood Storage Centres in Villages
  6. Today most Blood banks are functional in Mumbai, Nagpur, and Pune and at the district level. This forces patients from villages to turn towards the cities for medical services. Also due to non-availability of blood, specialist doctors are not willing to establish hospitals in villages. As a result, villagers are deprived of very vital health service. Keeping this in mind, the Council has taken a decision to establish Blood Storage Centers at 123 Primary Health Care Centers in villages.

  7. Blood Donor Questionnaire
  8. With a view to ensuring supply of safe blood it is important to gather information on the health of the donor. For the purpose of selecting healthy and safe donors, appropriate Questionnaire has been designed and sent to all Blood banks.

  9. Uniform Voluntary Blood Donor Card
  10. As per Government Resolution No.RRS/2001/827/ the Council has given a directive to all Blood Banks to implement the system of uniform Voluntary Blood Donor Card. As per this directive, a blood donor who is given this uniform Voluntary Blood Donor card is entitled to one unit of blood free of charge from any Blood bank for the use of his friends/ relatives in times of their need.

  11. Felicitation of Centurion Donors
  12. On 7th April 2000, in observance of World Health Day, a Felicitation Program was organized to honor Blood donors who have donated blood more than 100 times. These Donors were presented with a silver Medal and a Citation Certificate at the hands of Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh, the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

  13. Rally for creating awareness about Blood Donation.
  14. Rallies for creating awareness about Voluntary Blood donation were organized on 1st October 2002 and 1st October 2003, which were flagged off by Hon. Shri. Digvijay Khanvilkar, Health Minster and Hon. Shri Eknathrao Gaikwad, Minister of State for Health.

  15. Provision of free blood to thalassaemics/haemophiliacs From 5th January 2000 all government non government and Corporation Blood banks have been directed to provide free blood to all children suffering from thalassaemia and hemophilia. Till date 1797 Thalassaemic children and 939 hemophilia patients have been issued identity cards for the purpose of availing free blood.
  16. Free Blood to patients of Sickle Cell Anemia
  17. From 5th December 2009 all government non government and Corporation Blood banks have been directed to provide free blood for the benefit of patients suffering from Sickle Cell anemia amongst the Adivasi and backward communities of the state. Also, a centre for Research and Treatment of genetic Blood disorders has been established at Indira Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur.

  18. Birthday 2Blood Donor Scheme - 2003
  19. A campaign for Birthday Blood donation was initiated in the state from 12st February 2003. As per the campaign, having sent Birthday Blood Donors Cards to Government, Non-government and Municipal Blood banks, those donors who celebrate their birthdays by donating blood at the Blood banks will be felicitated by presentation of certificates and mementos. The objective of this campaign is to retain voluntary blood donors and to recognize the noble act of such donors.

  20. Mega Blood Donation Drive
  21. Mumbai city faces an acute shortage of blood during the months of May and June. Keeping this aspect in mind, The Limbdi Ajramar Sampraday was requested to organize a mega blood donation Drive on 1st June 2003, under the guidance and coordination of the state blood Transfusion Council. During this drive 10962 units of blood were collected with the support of 57 Blood banks. This Drive has been recognised as the highest collection of blood units in the world and has entered the Guiness Book of world records. Similarly, A mega blood donation Drive was organized at Nasik and 6490 units of blood were collected in 10 hours with the support of 35 Blood banks. On the 30th May 2004, 14883 units of blood were collected on one single day at 26 different locations during a mega Blood donation Drive. On 4th June 2005 a mega blood Donation Drive was organized by the State reserve Police Force under the guidance and coordination of the State Blood Transfusion Council, where a total of 1385 units of blood were collected.

  22. Felicitation of Centurion Donors and camp Organisers
  23. A felicitation programme was organized at the Birla matoshree sabagriha on 19th January 2004 to honour 26 Centurion Donors, 35 Camp Organiser who have contributed more than 1000 units in a year, and 15 Medical Officers & Social Workers. The felicitees received Citation certificates and Trophies at the hands of Shri Vijaysinh Mohite Patil, Hon. Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Shri Digvijay Khanvilkar, Hon. Health Minister, Maharashtra.

  24. Doctor’s Day
  25. 1st July is observed as Doctors Day every year. In observance of this day, Blood Donation Drives were organized on 3rd June 2005 at 16 different locations in Mumbai; with a view to set right the misconceptions and apprehensions about Blood Donation. A total of 1021 doctors donated blood and set a new ideal before society.