The State Blood Transfusion Council has been established in Maharashtra as anautonomous body as per the directive dated 4th January 1996 of the Supreme Court of India to all state governments. The primary objective of the Council is to provide adequate and safe blood and its components at reasonable rates in the State.

Blood Banks - the present situation

At the present there are 250 Blood Banks in the State, which are licensed and registered. Collection of blood, its testing and its distribution is done through these Blood Banks. Of the 250 Blood banks, 31 are termed as Major Blood Banks and another 41 Blood Banks are termed as District-level Blood banks. This terminology of Blood Banks has been done on the basis of their total blood collection per annum.

Given below is the split up of Blood banks on the basis of their ownership:

State Government Blood Banks72
Red Cross Society Blood Banks10
Trust Blood banks123
Private Blood banks45