Objective five

To encourage appropriate clinical use of blood and blood products.

  1. Blood shall be used only when necessary. Blood and blood products shall be transfused only to treat conditions leading to significant morbidity and mortality that cannot be prevented or treated effectively by other means.
  2. National Guidelines on “Clinical use of Blood” shall be made available and updated as required from time to time.
  3. Effective and efficient clinical use of blood shall be promoted in accordance with guidelines.
    • State/UT Governments shall ensure that the Hospital Transfusion Committees are established in all hospitals to guide, monitor and audit clinical use of blood.
    • Wherever appropriate, use of plasma expanders shall be promoted to minimise the use of blood.
    • Alternative strategies to minimise the need for transfusion shall be promoted.
  4. Education and training in effective clinical use of blood shall be organised.
    • Medical Council of India shall be requested to take following initiatives:
      • To introduce Transfusion Medicine as a subject at undergraduate and all post graduate medical courses.
      • To introduce posting for at least 15 days in the department of transfusion medicine during internship.
      • To include Transfusion Medicine as one of the subjects in calculating credit hours for the renewal of medical registration by Medical Council of India, if it is introduced. 5. 4. 2 CME and workshops shall be organised by State Blood Transfusion Councils in collaboration with professional bodies at regular intervals for all clinicians working in private as well as public sector in their  respective States.
  5. Blood and its components shall be prescribed only by a medical practitioner registered as per the provisions of Medical Council Act - 1956.
  6. Availability of blood components shall be ensured through the network of regional centres, satellite centres and other blood centres by creating adequate number of blood component separation units.
  7. Appropriate steps shall be taken to increase the availability of plasma fractions as per the need of the country through expanding the capacity of existing centre and establishing new centres in the country.
  8. Adequate facilities for transporting blood and blood products including proper cold-chain maintenance shall be made available to ensure appropriate management of blood supply.
  9. Guidelines for management of blood supply during natural and man made disasters shall be made available.