Objective eight

To take adequate legislative and educational steps to eliminate profiteering in blood banks.

  1. For grant/renewal of blood bank licenses including plan of a blood bank, a committee, comprising of members from State/UT Blood Transfusion Councils including Trans-fusion Medicine expert, Central & State/UT FDAs shall be constituted which will scrutinise all applications as per the guidelines provided by Drugs Controller General India.
  2. Fresh licenses to stand-alone blood banks in private sector shall not be granted. Renewal of such blood banks shall be subjected to thorough scrutiny and shall not be renewed in case of non-compliance of any condition of licence.
  3. All State/UT Blood Transfusion Councils shall develop a State Action Plan for the State/UT Blood Transfusion Service where in Regional Blood Transfusion Centres shall be identified. These centres shall be from Government, Indian Red Cross Society or other NGO run blood banks of repute. Approved regional blood centres/government blood centres/Indian red cross blood centres shall be permitted to supply blood and blood products to satellite centres which are approved by the committee as described in para 8. 1. The Regional Centre shall be responsible for transportation, storage, cross-matching and distribution of blood and blood products through satellite centres.
  4. A separate blood bank cell shall be created under a senior officer not below the rank of DDC(1) in the office of the DC(1) at the headquarter. State/UT Drugs Control Department shall create such similar cells with the trained officers including inspectors for proper inspection and enforcement.
  5. As a deterrent to paid blood donors who operate in the disguise of replacement donors, institutions who prescribe blood for transfusion shall be made responsible for procurement of blood for their patients through their affiliation with licensed blood centres.
  6. States/UTs shall enact rules for registration of nursing homes wherein provisions for affiliation with a licensed blood bank for procurement of blood for their patients shall be incorporated.
  7. The existing provisions of drugs & Cosmetics Rules will be periodically reviewed to introduce stringent penalties for unauthorised/irregular practices in blood banking system.